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  Dropping the Sausage

by James H. Mannell


What the Book is about


 Dropping the Sausage is the pacy, exuberant, artfully related and very funny story of Twyford Headley, seventh generation Australian and one of life’s intrepid misadventurers. Twy, the sensitive and hyperactive boy, apparently an “accident-pronee’ from the age of three, survives an eventful childhood of lunatic game-playing, holiday trauma and domestic mishaps to become Twy the hyperactive, misadventurous adult. A sufferer of the dreaded Crazed Weasel Syndrome, he becomes a father almost before he becomes a lover and then goes on to excel in his wacky accidental life. He blunders from marriage to divorce, mishap to misadventure, awake or asleep, in the workplace, on the sporting field, in the bedroom, in holiday destination spots and on the roads (where he participates in a variety of bizarre adventures behind the wheel). As he continues to slide down the razor blade of life, Twy holds it all together despite his migraines, haemorrhoids, spinal damage, obstructive sleep apnoea and the sporadic attentions of the wilful Midnight Skulker. This is a laugh-a-page, entertaining true story. It isn’t incredible. What’s incredible is that Twyford Headley survives it all.


 Dropping the Sausage, an accomplished work of humorous non-fiction, is a fabulous read from start to finish. The wacky incidents and situations in the misadventurous life of Twy Headley seem incredible and make for a very funny narrative. The movement from setting to setting endows this true-life story with a lively pace and the author sustains the humour throughout. It is obvious that he has wide experience in the field of comedy and this comes through in a work full of self-deprecating humour and honesty. A great page-turning read!

Zeus Literary Evaluation