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An eight-year-old boy in the mid-Fifties, Jim sets his sights on becoming a teacher and embarks on a dramatic, funny and heart-warming six-decade journey from schoolboy to probationary teacher to deputy principal, finally escaping back to the classroom again. “Chalkie” is a compelling, richly entertaining story of great teachers and a sprinkling of charlatans, and of course lovely children and exasperating miscreants from a dozen state schools. At times gut-wrenching and hair-raising, it is an eye-opening account that is a guaranteed reading adventure for anyone who was ever a teacher, student or parent in an Australian secondary school community.



A Chalkie of the State is a work of non-fiction. The names of all but the author's have been changed, as have the names of the dozen or so schools involved.


“An accomplished work ... an entertaining and compelling read from start to finish ...   amazing, eye-opening, funny and heart-warming ... great honest dialogue ... of great interest to students and teachers worldwide.”

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