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Thanks for visiting my website, which I created despite a reputation for being something of a technophobe.....        Jim



A Sydney University graduate in English and French, with sub-majors in Psychology and Anthropology, as well as further sub-majors in Italian and German from the University of New England, Jim is a retired teacher, actor, stand-up comedian and sportsman, but obviously not yet a retired writer.

After an interesting and eventful teaching career, including thirteen years as a high school deputy principal, Jim called it quits in 2006 after spinal problems made it impossible for him to leap around in a classroom.

Jim has always been a writer and a keeper of journals and the latter have supplied the raw material for two of his books. 

This photo was taken in 2005 by the pool at his former residence in Grafton.


January 2015

Jim Mannell has written three full-length books.

A Chalkie of the State (2013) : non-fiction humorous memoir

 Dropping the Sausage  (2014) : non-fiction humorous memoir

The Time Before (2014) :  (fiction,thriller/ romantic drama)


Other books  (NFP) :  

LARF ( howlers / clangers from numerous sources)

Feminine Plural (non-fiction memoir)